Looking to improve your social media for your local small business?

Get started with Optimize My Social. 

You know social media is an effective marketing tool for your business but maybe...

...you're feeling overwhelmed trying to figure it out.

...you're not seeing the results you expected or wanted.

...you're not a fan but know you need to use it.

So, what if I told you there's one simple thing you can do that will make a big impact on your social media...


...without spending a lot of time or money and avoiding the hassle and headache of figuring it out alone.

Let me introduce you to...

Optimize My Social

A step-by-step, self-paced, video-based course making learning and implementing easy and affordable

Get everything you need to Optimize Instagram, Facebook & Google My Business


  • Optimize My Instagram
    (value $197)


  • Optimize My Facebook
    (value $197)


  • Optimize Google My Business

    (value $197)



  • $876 in Value for ONLY $37


  • Audience & Analytics 101
    (value $77)​


  • Online Reviews Mini Course
    (value $77)


  • Online Directory Optimization Mini Course (value $77)


  • Who’s Your Customer?
    Avatar Worksheet (value $27)


  • Update Your Online Info Checklist (value $27)

    Members-Only Facebook Group & Support (value - priceless)

Bottom Line

Optimizing your Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business accounts is critical to growing your business, driving traffic and increasing sales.

Imagine if you could...

  • Increase Visibility

    so potential customers can find your business.

  • Build Brand Awareness

    so customers recognize and remember you.

  • Expand Customer Base

    to build a steady flow of new customers.

  • Improve Customer Service

    to build trust and gain loyalty.

  • Stand Out Amongst Competition

    so customers choose you over others.

  • Maximize Time & Energy

    so your efforts are efficient and effective.

Optimize My Social will help you achieve these goals

Here's what's inside...


Optimize My Instagram

Build brand awareness, improve customer service and position yourself ahead of the competition.

  • Switch to a Business Account

    (if not already) to release key marketing features.

  • Update Settings

    so you never miss another customer notification.

  • Craft a Superfine Bio

    that draws people in while giving details they need.

  • Implement Website Navigation

    that allows customers to easily follow links.

  • Set Up Quick Reply

    to save time when answering questions.

  • Leverage "Close Friends"

    to create a VIP or Loyalty Program.


Optimize My Facebook

Clarity and simplicity always win. Learn how to make Facebook work for your business. 

  • Claim User Name

    (if not already) to get found, tagged and ranked in search.

  • Update Settings

    like Page Roles, notifications and connecting IG to FB.

  • Choose & Size Perfect Pics 

    to entice and draw customers in.

  • Organize Template & Tabs

    so customers find what they’re looking for fast.

  • Set Up Response Assistant

    to give customers info and answers fast while saving time.

  • Leverage "Top Fans"

    and use Page Recommendations to reward brand advocates.


Optimize Google My Business

97% of consumers find local businesses online first. Attract more leads to your business for FREE!

  • Claim Listing

    (if not already) so you can unleash the power of Google.

  • Update Info

    like hours and attributes to provide up-to-date details.

  • Pin Location

    so customers don’t get lost trying to find you.

  • Leverage Photos

    to get customers enticed and excited.

  • Engage with Reviews

    to connect with customers and build social proof.

  • Utilize Posts

    to promote and communicate just like you do on Social Media.


Wait! There's More...

  • Audience & Analytics 101

    Your stats give you invaluable info. Utilize this Mini Course to understand your following and what content works best.

  • Online Reviews Mini Course

    93% of consumers read online reviews. Let me show you how reviews do the bragging for you, strengthening your local SEO to rank higher in search.

  • Online Directory Optimization 
    Mini Course

    Don’t miss out on the conversation about your business. Use this mini course to identify which online directories you may be (or should be) listed on; making sure all listings are claimed and current.

  • Who's Your Customer?
    Avatar Worksheet

    Understand who your customers are and their pain points. Use our customer avatar worksheet to further define and develop your audience.

  • Update Your Online Info Checklist

    Avoid disappointment and customer confusion. Update your hours and details everywhere you’re online with the help of our handy checklist.

  • SUPER BONUS: Members-Only Facebook Group & Support

    Get direct support in our Members-Only Facebook Group designed to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Meet Your Social Media Coaches

Hi there. I'm Danielle...

…and I’m on a mission to help local small businesses harness the power of social media.


I’m a small business owner, multi-passionate entrepreneur, social media coach and marketing strategist.


I’ve been a worker bee, manager, executive director, an entrepreneur and a foodpreneuer. I’ve written and published a cookbook. I’ve created other businesses for other people. I know what it’s like to hustle hard, constantly working in the business instead of on the business.


For the past 23 years, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses grow their brands in print, radio and digital. Hands down, social media has been the most effective marketing platform I’ve worked with.


The amount of people you can reach compared to traditional media is insane – and at a fraction of the cost. The proof is there and the results are real.


After years of building a successful, six-figure social media agency, I pulled the plug and let go of all my clients.


As we grew, so did our rates. “Small Business Sally” could no longer afford our services. And, since there’s only so many hours in a day, I was limited to how many businesses I could even take on.


As an entrepreneur and small business lover, I was determined to find a way to scale our business while continuing to serve small business owners more affordably.


So, I took a step back, assessed our business, and decided the only way forward was to create affordable, step-by-step, self-paced, video-based courses.


Courses that educate and empower small business owners like you to get serious about social media marketing.


As the saying goes, give someone a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

Hello. I'm Jennifer...

...Danielle’s wife and business partner.


I’m a small business owner, multi-passionate entrepreneur, a systems and solutions powerhouse, social media coach and ads strategist.


I’ve worked alongside Danielle for the past 14 years in communications, sales, distribution, and marketing.


I’m known for having the gift of making businesses run efficiently and effectively.


I can’t wait to teach you everything I know about running social media ads that get real results for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.


BUT... before we do that, we need to make sure your accounts are optimized.


So, in the meantime, I look forward to meeting you inside our Members-Only Facebook Group and supporting you on your social media marketing journey.


We’re so impressed with their understanding and knowledge of growing the business through social media.


I highly recommend this course and encourage you to tap into their vast knowledge and eagerness to educate others in marketing and growing a business.

White Stag Farms

We took their course to expand our Airbnb marketing efforts​ and the skills we learned were very valuable.


Since then, we’ve seen rapid
growth in followers and bookings.

Mary & Iris,
Mission: Possible Airbnb

Since implementing their framework, I look forward to creating my social media posts.

I’m having fun, being creative, and growing my business - without an agency.


Looking back, it was my lack of skills and having the right tools that made me anxious about using social as a marketing tool.

The Mustard Seed Cafe

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee​

$37 is a low-risk investment but I believe in this course and the support you’ll receive so much, I’m offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


You’ll have 30 days to complete the course and implement the work.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with your investment, we’ll refund your money.

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